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(It sure ain't what is used to be)

  • The 35,000 thousand lobbyists in Washington D.C. make sure you have no voice their government.
  • The media covers up more news than it ever reports.
  • If your mother says she loves you. Check it out. (No one in the media does)
  • All news reporting by the major media is politically correct. Otherwise, it doesn't get reported!
  • All "World" and "US" news originates from press releases issued by various government agencies, organized crime entities, labor unions, and Fortune 500 Company lobbyists and front organizations.
  • No one ever told you that all news media personnel belong to labor unions? They sure as hell do.  That's why that are ALL socialist democrats.
  • If the Democrat party and its candidates had to pay for the free support they get from the news media labor union support 24/7 that has virtually destroyed the Republican party, it would cost them trillions of dollars.
  • All major news (with a few exceptions) eminate mainly from the same sources...hmmmmm? (See above)
  • Ever notice that all television news stations cover the same topics at about the same time? It's because they only report "controlled news" and "propaganda, just like they do in socialist "democracies."
  • Covering the same topics repeatedly at the same time by all media is a form of brain washing.
  • Nothing that is covered on C-Span has ever made it into the "news."
  • Virtually all political news is reported by folks whose democrat, labor union agenda, point of view is more important than the facts.
  • The media supports all of our enemies and is against any war that threatens our enemies. Therefore, they have made sure you are against the war.
  • Thanks to the democrats, and their labor union, socialist agenda, the United States has never been successful in assisting any nation in defeating the threat of a communist take over, since the end of World War II.
  • The civil service (government labor union) at all levels of government purges republicans from their ranks (check it out).
  • The major media has hired the best socialists to report the news.
  • Dude! There is no war on drugs because the politicians, rich folks, entertainment personalities and media persons, buy their "stuff" from the same folks as the "druggies" do. They just don't end up in jail!

We're not from the government, we are here to help!

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